Gordon Rempel

Gordon Rempel, CCE

Strange Empire -The Whiskey Trader – director:  Andy Mikita – with Cara Gee, Aaron Poole

Psych – Scary Sherry – director: John Landis – with James Roday, Dulay Hill

Sanctuary – Breach – director: Martin Wood – with Amanda Tapping, Ian Tracy

Romeo Killer – TV Movie – director: Norma Bailey – with Eric McCormick

Life As We Know It – A Little Problem – director: Michael Engler – with Peter Dinklage

Touching Evil – Slash 30 – director – Karen Moncrieff – with Jeffery Donovan, Vera Farmiga, Bradley Cooper

From the Archives!   Gordon’s 2007 reel.

Boogie Haircut By The Beladeans featuring Gord on keys and the edit.

Many More Clips from Gordon Rempel on his Vimeo Page